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Why buying a high km vehicle makes sense

Why buying a high km vehicle makes sense

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  • by Richard Lameroux

Why buying a high km vehicle makes sense

Many people are concerned about purchasing a high Km vehicle. The assumption is that they are much riskier. Higher kms do not necessarily mean that more will go wrong with your vehicle. In fact vehicles are designed to last a long time.

Here are some advantages.

Someone else has already experienced most of the depreciation. You can drive the vehicle 30000-40000 more kms without experiencing significant additional depreciation.

Much easier on your pocket book, there are some great vehicles to choose from for under $10000.00. In fact many are under $6000.00

No monthly payments to worry about. Financial freedom is always a good look. Still if you choose right your vehicle can look good too and you won’t have broke the bank.

If you purchase from a reputable dealer there may be also an option for warranty. This is the perfect way to have stress free driving.

In short, consider a higher km vehicle for your next purchase. If you have a newer low Km vehicle, consider a second vehicle to lower wear and tear on your current ride.

Happy motoring!

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