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Buying a used car on a budget

Buying a used car on a budget

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  • by Richard Lameroux

Buying a used car on a budget

It can be a daunting experience buying a used car on a limited budget. Buying privately, you have no ideas what may plague you down the road. Sometimes buying from a unknown dealer can result in similar problems.

A good place to start is to do some on line searches on vehicle reliability. You should also look up reviews for any location you are considering purchasing from. Usually past behaviour is the best indication of future behaviour.

One of the things that concern customers is High kms. That however does not mean that it is not a good vehicle. Also don’t be concerned about a few blemishes. Find out what work has been done on the vehicle and ask about available warranties. Most importantly take the vehicle for a test drive. Ask to view the Car Proof, it may show maintenance history. Also if it is a BC or Alberta vehicle there is typically less corrosion issues. If there are accidents don’t be to concerned if it has a declaration of under $5,000.00. You could end up with a nicer vehicle at a bargain price.

On a separate note, a few reasons you may wish to consider Zee Wholesale.
We have a large selection of used vehicles. We have an on site mechanic and offer our customers the option of warranty at cost. One other significant differences is that we have no dealer fees. Check out our informative website and videos. Our goal is to provide a superb experience at a budget price.

Happy motoring!

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